Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tsunami Relief - Fellow Bloggers and Information

Since Sunday, I have spent the better part of the last week, watching news from half way around the world. Right now, the Prime Minister is speaking on CTV news, and has said that Canada will DOUBLE our financial assistance to South Asia, along with the deployment of the (DART) the Disaster Assistance Relief Team.

I will refer you to some of my fellow bloggers who have links up so that YOU, my readers, can donate what you can, to help those in South Asia survive, and hopefully begin the long task of rebuilding their lives, homes, businesses and families.

There is so much that has been destroyed. I have lived in Miami for 34 years of my life, and seeing hurricanes destroy cities, towns and lives is but a piece of the total disaster this Tsunami has wreaked havoc all those countries and peoples. Hurricane Andrew was as close to total distruction as I have ever come to witness first hand. And I can tell you, what I see on CNN and BBC news feeds is far from hurricane distruction.

So please, if you can, help us help those who have NOTHING. You can visit with Matthew Good at

You can go visit:


The Red Cross:


South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog:

I'm not as flashy as Matthew Is with buttons on my side panel, this will do just as well.

There are donation collection sites all over Montreal. All of the businesses and shops that I have walked into in the last week have donation boxes. Many charities and churches in Montreal, and I assume all over Canada, are collecting can goods, clothings and medical supplies for the relief teams going over from Canada.

I know we have so much in this country, and now, in this time of great need, we can do at least
something to help. It has been reported that Bloggers are making a difference in the world, as seen on ABC News World News Tonight on Friday evening, and today I have added a report from Yahoo news on this Blog.

As Quoted from Matthew Good's Blog:

"Over the last few days various news agencies, including the BBC and CNN, have reported on the important involvement of bloggers with regards to the disaster in Asia. Bloggers have provided first hand reports from the disaster zone, have started informational hubs for relatives looking for lost family members, and have spearheaded fundraising for disaster relief. Bloggers Without Borders and The SEA-EAT blog are just a few examples. Click here for a list of tsunami help blogs.

Imagine what could be accomplished if the last 7 days turned into 365 days and covered the globe. "

Please help us make a difference. It could mean the survival of all those traditions, peoples and lives.

Good night from Montreal.


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