Thursday, January 27, 2005

Today's Map "includes" (Thursday)

I've been scouring blogs to find something to write about today, the only thing I came up with comes to us from "Hopscotcher." So I thought i'd write about my first bicycle. I must have been somewhere near 1st. grade because that's the period of time "reference" I have to go on, if memory serves me correctly.

It was July, why do I know that, because the other kids on the street we lived on ( Kennedy Drive) were burning sparklers. It must have been on or around July4th. The next progression of events escapes me. But I do know that I had a Sparkly Blue Bicycle. It had a big white banana seat on it. There were no training wheels on it. I must have graduated out of them by that time.

I don't remember who set me in motion, but we lived on a culdesac. I was not permitted to leave the street, it was long enough that I would be happy riding up and down the keyhole. The reason this memory sticks in my brain is that I ran over some girl who was in my path. She stood there with a sparkler in her hand, and I just mowed her down on my bike.

We lived in New Britian Connecticut. Not far from New Britian Machine. Both sets of grandparents lived not far from where we lived. They were on the walk path to Smith School, on the hill. That is where I attended Kindergarten and 1st. grade. I remember that i used to walk to school. I even remember walking to school in the snow. The school was set on a huge hill, that we used to sled and toboggan down after classes and on weekends.

I am tired and I am sick as a dog again. So I guess I will add more to this post after y'all start blogging after dinner. I'm kinda brain dead.

I spent the afternoon doing housework and laundry with Lucas Mire singing in the background. ...

If you are up for a little Moral Ethics challenge the go check out

Mia has started a question and answer based on some care situations. Read the two situations and then answer in your own words what you would do. They are interesting and make you think. enjoy.


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