Monday, January 31, 2005

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I wanted to wish Chris a happy birthday, seeing the pics on his and Matt's blogs were nice. You see Chris, you matter to a lot of people.

" Be careful where you/I draw the line... God has a funny way of getting us to step across lines... Especially if WE'RE the ones who draw them."

So this is what I am going to write about today, well this evening. Because It seems that Eric and I are on the same page today. It so happened that I went to Campus early cause I had some work to do for Ancient Judaism, so I dropped my financial aid request off at Financial Aid Office, then headed to the library and the computer bay. We have at Concordia an Internet/Library area where you que up to use the internet or library computers for homework and print jobs. That took all of 45 minutes of my time. It's free for students.

After I got done I went out to have a smoke, and I thought that I would head over to the Annex and see what was going on. ( The Annex) is the Multifaith Chaplaincy office. I walked up the street and finished my drag and met Karen ( a friend) on the stairs. She asked me if I was going to attend Sister Michelina's talk at noon. ( You see I have been avoiding God lately ) lurking around the shadows on campus since my rant on the church.

I looked at my watch and nodded to her that I would go "check it out." I come to find out that it is an 8 week course on The Healing Journey Through the 8 Stages of Life. ( Erikson) I followed Karen downstairs into the meditation lounge in the basement of the annex, and there she was the good Sister Michelina. She has that funny eye! I always say, you never know where she's looking. But she saw me walk in and almost jumped out of her chair. I sat down and I knew 4 people who were there. Karen, Frank, Myself and the good sister.

So Eric, are we ever too old to go on mission? No, I don't think so. I just got the feeling that I needed to be where I was this afternoon. After 45 minutes of listening to the good sister speak, she invited us to join her in a guided meditation. I have to say, it felt really nice to sit and close my eyes and get lost in my God's arms. There were no walls or judgments. No religious authority to tell me that I was not welcome. So I stayed until I had to be in class at 1:15.

I went to class and my last class of the day was Ethics and Moral choices. We talked about Euthanasia. And Dying with dignity. Well, I had a lot to say on that issue. It's amazing how different things are UP here in Canada. The privilege one has to live in a society that welcomes diversity. And to live and die in a society that gives one the right to choose the "right to die."
As we saw in Ottawa the other night. The old man whom I wrote about the other night, did in fact, kill himself by suffocating himself with a bag and inhaling helium. I hope he rests in peace, and that his family are calm in the knowledge that he is not suffering any more.

Every day I learn something. As long as I show up to class. As long as I show up for my own life.


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