Monday, January 17, 2005

This one's for Mikey

Hello My dear Boy. I am going to share with you some thoughts on boys, and men. And how we can go about attracting them.

I have a theory. It goes a little like this. Being in recovery and watching people at my home group get sober, they go through phases of RE-Development. At St. Leon's church where my home group meets, you approach from the side of the church and down a set of stairs into the basement hall. Over the last 3 years, this study has become a weekly event. I watch people come down those stairs each week, and i wait to see what their signs flash...sometimes it takes a long time to teach people about this idea and make it stick in their heads. But life IS about the journey, and how you choose to walk it. This is just a little observation I have made of my fellows here at home. Maybe it will work for you. It's all about HOW MUCH work you choose to do with yourself. It begins with Love and it begins with You.

People, ( And this goes for ANYONE out there ) the principle can be applied across the board.

People have a PINK NEON SIGN flashing above their heads at any given time of day or night.

The PROBLEM is that WE ( outside ) can see that sign. The person "themselves" cannot see the sign.

It is an automatic personality/problem/drama/stage/sexual need/single/married/divorced/ information service.

NOW, if you hone your abilities like I have, you can basically tell whatever someone is wanting, saying or trying to express by the words flashing on their signs.

OK, with that said........Mikey,

Do you know what it looks like when someone's PINK NEON SIGN is flashing "DESPARATE !!!"

Nobody is gonna wanna go near you. I've read alot of 'signs' in my day. So Mikey the object of this post is to say, One must internally UNPLUG the sign, until you are ready to make a move.
Personal development HAS TO start from Within and move OUTWARDS. If you are not happy with yourself, as I know you are struggling with (ie glasses -vs-contacts) and such and so forth.
The change must come from within. As soon as you start loving yourself for WHO you are, the love you show inwards will make its way OUTWARDS. Hence, your FLASHING PINK NEON SIGN will say, (Ok, I am ready now).

I promise you that if you try this and work on it, your next "catch" will be well worth the time you have spent working on you!! The signs don't lie. This is a true story.

You see, getting clean and sober os a hard deal. You board the rollercoaster, fasten your seatbelts and ride the ride. I've seen some really angry and upset people, and it took a LONG LONG time for their signs to change. Eventually they learned to let go, and relax and learn to love themselves, and thereby loving others.

You can do the same. Unplug the sign, before you might scare away another potential boyfriend.


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