Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Story

** Please NOTE, SEE the Quebec Civil Code Listed Below **

In April of 2004, my partner, Peter, had a nervous breakdown and hit the pit of hell emotionally. When I realized that Peter was in REALLY BAD shape, I had seen enough.
I got him out of work over a weeks time, and he filed for disability based on psychological reasons. His employer had pushed him to the point of no return emotionally.

Peter cried and was depressed for months, until a really good shrink we hired, diagnosed him as Bipolar 2 (rapid cycling). So began the search for the correct amount,type and dosage of many drugs over the last nine months.

Peter progressed with alot of problems. We had trouble with his employer in payments and salary disputes. Over time we worked out the details, and it seemed they had left us alone. Peter's anxiety did not disappear over night, and we had a number of setbacks over these last few months with medications and side effects. ( EJ ) had been the journal that held all of my medical observations, my sober journal as well, all of the emotions and feelings I went through since his medical diagnosis.

Over the months I had logged over 300,000 words. In October i had hit the point where I thought our getting married would bring Peter the rest of the way emotionally into rejoining the world around him. Seeing that for the last few months all he did was sleep and try to deal with the way several medications took a toll on his mental ability, and his emotional state.

On November 20th we were married at the Loyola Chapel a RIGHT and LEGAL ceremony here in Montreal. On our wedding night, the team of photograpers worked all night to get the photos (shopped and ready) for online placement. That took place around 2 am, that Saturday night, after we had all left the reception around midnight.

The next Monday, STATTRACKER got HITS from Peter's employer.....

We watched the traffic come daily, for minutes then hours. It seemed that they had gone into my archives and were collecting information from MY JOURNALS. Shortly before Christmas, the traffic took a turn SOUTH and we realized that the Parent Company, who paid out Peter's Long Term Disability Insurance had been tipped off to my blog. That could only have come from Peter's Employer. A week before Christmas I wrote an entry on my blog, calling them on their shit. And BY NAME named names, departments and places. We had screen captured all of the traffic that passed between EJ, ESJ, Peter's Employer and the Parent Company paying out his Long Term Disability Insurance. So we KNOW they are guilty of a great many things.

My rights as an individual were VIOLATED. They broke several KEY points from the Quebec Civil Code Laws, Which are listed below. I left several messages at the office inquiring about who had tapped my blog, inquiring why. I sent several EMAILS requesting that the site be blocked from internal computers.

** Peter told me that people at the office were not allowed to surf outside sources at work. Well, Peter's employment spent at least 8 to 10 hours a day reading my Journals. And we caught them reading my blog well past 5 pm in the evening. Some nights they were reading from the office as late as 9 p.m. in the evening as my STATTRACKER will show you. **

There was no response from his office, from Human Resources or their internet investigation office. On Monday December 27th I was asleep and the POLICE showed up with a restraining order and ordered Peter to delete the logs entries.

We know that the only way the INSURANCE Company could have gotten the link for either of my journals was from Peter's employer. You see I check my traffic every day. And have since the day I installed the stattracker. I know when traffic became insane and where it came from. I know where all of my hits are coming from based on months of observing traffic. I am not stupid and traffic gathering systems DO NOT LIE.

Since this little incident, I have shut down my ESJ blog. And when I realized that Peter's employer was reading and sharing information I immediately deleted my EJ journal to prevent anyone else from taking that information and using it to hurt my husband.

We have since contacted the Commission des Normes du Travail, we have also consulted the Code of Civil Law in Quebec, and if you read below, well anywhere on this page, you can see that several items HAVE BEEN VIOLATED. Our Lawyers are hard at work. Justice will be served.

EDIT: Addition of information. We FAXED and MAILED by REGISTERED letter the 10 pages of screen grabs from Stattracker showing Peter's employers activities in regards to my blogs, along with a very detailed letter of complaint. You broke the law, and discrimination based on Sexual Orientation is illegal. There is enough proof to show your movements, traffic, how many hits you made to my blogs, the HOURS you spent reading, and the date that The Parent Company who pays out Peter's disability insurance's TRAFFIC began. We know for a fact that over several days, someone from that office read all of my archives, i know what pages they hit, what date they hit them, and how long they and YOU were there.

From past traffic history, nobody from that area or IP address had been accessing my blogs. I know you passed off third party information to them. THAT IS ILLEGAL. I know what you are attempting to do. I know where all my traffic comes from on a daily basis. It was not a stretch to put the stats to proof. The passage of traffic lead from your office to their office to my blog. NOT SMART.


No one takes into consideration what mental problems does to the person suffering, or the person they love or are living with. It took many months of trial and error medications, weeks and months of personal observations on my part, talking to the doctor about what I was seeing and experienceing so that we could tailor a medical regimen that would best serve Peter's needs. Do you know how hard the doctors worked with him personally, and NOW they are Appauled at this activity.

We make adjustments to his medications almost monthly now. You messed with a boy that it took months to try and heal. You undid MONTHS of hard work, his mental health and life were affected by this little foray into "fucking him over." Do you have any idea what you have done to Him, to ME and to Us as a couple? Jesus, you have no scruples do you? it's all about the god damned almighty (looney) isn't it. well, it's 2005 isn't it? And you got caught in your own web of DECEIT !!!!

Do you know how hard I worked to try and help my husband get better. Do you know how hard the spouses of patients who have mental issues hurt. How much we loose, how much we give up of our own lives to make sure that every day my husband feels safe, loved and secure.

You destroyed any semblance of safety and serenity that i spent months trying to rebuild, in your little fiasco. Do you know how fragile the mind of someone who has been rehabilitating, taking all the meds he has taken and tested and trialed. How dare you try and sneak in the back door to take information and spread it in the desired hope that you would expunge him from your payroll.

You know I am so angry and upset that I am just livid. You did it in for yourselves. You thought that YOU would not be CAUGHT !!!


Did you think you'd just walk in, take what you wanted and share the info you needed to make some ASSUMPTION on Peter's health, readiness to come back to work, or your desire to remove him from your employ?

Like I said, I am NO amateur. I AM A PRO. Gay Men with AIDS know many things, and have learned what to do, and how to succeed and how to SURVIVE, when the world turns against them. I learned this first hand. I have many GOOD friends in all the right places. I am using my head, and I have thought this through, and I will not go quietly into that good night. NOBODY takes advantage of ME and in that or my HUSBAND.

Did you think I was born yesterday? I am a man with AIDS, I know about things like this. I know every twist, tool and trick that employers use to try and get employees off insurance rolls. You have messed with the WRONG MAN. Straight People are so STUPID. They think they know everything. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but us GAY MEN, we know how to play politics ALOT better than any straight person could ever attempt to.

When we were on our honeymoon, which had been approved by Peter's shrink, I was blogging the trip notes. I know that Peter's employer was reading my blog, because I watched the STATTRACKER from the SHIP and I KNOW they were reading daily. FOR HOURS at a time.

Peter was doing great. He was animated and happy. He was getting better, The problems and anxiety of work were leaving him. He had planned on going back to work, that return was delayed by his medical team. Now with this latest INCENDIARY ACTION by his employer to gain information and pass it on the third party people, they have only hurt him, mentally and emotionally.


I have spoken to my peers about this, and I have been warned that this can get ugly. I am going to take this to the courts and we will see who laughs last. I am through with this petty ( I've got one on you tactic). I've never witnessed such back stabbing and unlawful behavior by an employer, well, you know,I HAVE.

When I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1997, Over the years prior and after, many men were fired from their jobs, their insurance was cut, they lost their homes to evil landlords who threw them on the street, and I watched families throw their sons and children out into the street to die alone.

I have seen Sickness, Death, Suicide, AIDS and I have survived now 13 years later. I DO NOT GIVE UP the FIGHT very easily. I am in this for the long haul. Defeat is NOT an option. You mess with my husband, and you have my attention. YOU MESS with ME, and you will feel the wrath of GOD come down on you like you've never seen. This is FAR from over.

So Here is ANOTHER printing of the Civil Code of Quebec, need you brush up your legal laws.

Extracts from the Civil Code of Québec (S.Q., 1991, c. 64), articles 35 to 41

Civil Code of Québec (extracts)

(S.Q., 1991, c. 64)

(Updated: March 2004)



35. Every person has a right to the respect of his reputation and privacy.

No one may invade the privacy of a person without the consent of the person unless authorized

by law.

1991, c. 64, a. 35; 2002, c. 19, s. 2.

36. The following acts, in particular, may be considered as invasions of the privacy of a person:

1) entering or taking anything in his dwelling;

2) intentionally intercepting or using his private communications;

3) appropriating or using his image or voice while he is in private premises;

4) keeping his private life under observation by any means;

5) using his name, image, likeness or voice for a purpose other than the legitimate information of

the public;

6) using his correspondence, manuscripts or other personal documents.

1991, c. 64, a. 36.

37. Every person who establishes a file on another person shall have a serious and legitimate

reason for doing so. He may gather only information which is relevant to the stated objective of

the file, and may not, without the consent of the person concerned or authorization by law,

communicate such information to third persons or use it for purposes that are inconsistent with

the purposes for which the file was established. In addition, he may not, when establishing or

using the file, otherwise invade the privacy or damage the reputation of the person concerned.

1991, c. 64, a. 37.

38. Except as otherwise provided by law, any person may, free of charge, examine and cause

the rectification of a file kept on him by another person with a view to making a decision in his

regard or to informing a third person; he may also cause a copy of it to be made at reasonable

cost. The information contained in the file shall be made accessible in an intelligible transcript.

1991, c. 64, a. 38.

Extracts from the Civil Code of Québec (S.Q., 1991, c. 64), articles 35 to 41

39. A person keeping a file on a person may not deny him access to the information contained

therein unless he has a serious and legitimate reason for doing so or unless the information is of

a nature that may seriously prejudice a third person.

1991, c. 64, a. 39.

40. Every person may cause information which is contained in a file concerning him and which

is inaccurate, incomplete or equivocal to be rectified; he may also cause obsolete information or

information not justified by the purpose of the file to be deleted, or deposit his written comments

in the file.

Notice of the rectification is given without delay to every person having received the information in

the preceding six months and, where applicable, to the person who provided that information. The

same rule applies to an application for rectification, if it is contested.

1991, c. 64, a. 40.

41. Where the law does not provide the conditions and modalities of exercise of the right of

examination or rectification of a file, the court, upon application, determines them.

Similarly, if it becomes difficult to exercise those rights, the court, upon application, settles the


1991, c. 64, a. 41.


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