Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snow, Buttons, Water and The Flu, Oh did i mention Lucas?

Montreal Weather watch....( - 20c and -30 with the wind chill) it must have snowed over night, and we are expecting more tonight and tomorrow. It's quite windy as well.

Hello boys and girls, sorry I am late in my first post of the day, namely because I slept all day. I was up WAYYY past my bedtime last night, ferreting around Lucas's Blog, trying to duplicate some sidebar buttons like he's got. (lucas Mire Blog ---> ). With Peter's code writing assistance this afternoon ( he's so smart ), I have a new button for you to play with. It is called my Wish List. Yeah you see it above Gordons and Chucks books??? ( Go ahead, see what's on the list I know you WANNA!!)

Water.... it's all about water today in Baghdad. I've added another blogger to the list. Yup, you know the drill ( over there ---->) . It's called Baghdad Burning, from Iraq. Just so we can have a POV from within the borders. It is quite and very sad actually. I found myself shaking my head today as I read the latest entry. Not having water IS a problem. I know what not having water, is like, ( Post Massive hurricanes. As well the lack of electricity for MONTHS at a time). and it wasn't for votes either.

I woke up this morning and I could not breathe. Peter was up and already hacking, which means only 1 thing, here we go again, with that F***G flu of the season once more. dammit, we have the heat cranked up to FULL BLAST, and it's still cold, And the windows are sealed with plastic...WTF !!!

Did I mention my new "obsession" this week, yep, that's right (---> Lucas Mire ) you know the drill !!! Good music !! Go check him out, and tell your friends. He's got all kinds of Buttons to play with. So if you've got a few spare (30 min) blocks of time, go check him out.


Sidenote... on Religion !!

I have the feeling that mysticism is something I am interested in, namely Judaism. And I've got some appointments with a few Wise Jewish Men of my Concordia acquaintances that I will be speaking with in the next few days, but Jared wrote me this is some of it.

"Be forwarned, entering Judiasm isn't easy at all. It's that way on purpose. See what happens to other religions, where anyone can become "born again" just because they say so if they need to impress a parole board or voters? Judiasm is set up so you have to commit to it before you can commit to it, if that makes any sense."

I understand the "commit to it - before you can commit to it !" I've got my ears open and we will see where the road leads. Thanks Jared, you are very kind. I appreciate your input, I really do. Eric as well. You can check BOTH Eric ( Mine all Mine ) and Jared ( United Waffles ), that's right ----------> over there on the right.

Like Mikey, I will probably have something else for you later tonight. See ya then.


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