Saturday, January 22, 2005

Shameless Plugs, CSI and the Cold.

It is ( - 26 C ) here in Montreal at this hour of 2:22 am. Saturday will bring us some snow, but they say it won't be much, Dammitt !! It is Cold none the less.

I am sitting here listening to Lucas Mire ---------> yeah go click his link over there.

If you go to his download page, you can get some of his stuff. (I quite like it. ) gotta love Lucas, I love acoustic guitar. I wish I could play. Now I have to get his next CD, we await his announcement of the drop date. If you read, he along with Marco and a few other bloggers on this list are kind of following each other all over Canada and the U.S. Look for the "Friday Feast" feature every Friday. If you are game, give us your menu as well.

Is anyone else addicted to CSI like Peter and I are? We are amid Season 2 of the DVD collection. This show is great. I mean I live the Las Vegas Team, Miami comes in a close second and New York comes in third position. I think Sarah's a hottie ( she's so um, whats the word, mysterious and smart!) I am into Emily Proctor from CSI Miami is a keeper as well. Not to mention the boys on the show. They aren't bad on the eyes either. I'd let them "examine" me too !!! ha ha
( that's right, while i was STILL breathing, "heavily" I might add. )

I've not got anything incredible to blog about this night, except that I cooked Peter a really nice dinner and had the candles all lit when he got back from the gym, with Dinner in the crock pot. So we vegged in front of the TV tonight and were just quiet together which is nice.

We are missing Marco tonight, he's in Ottawa .... Jeez I was just there over Christmas.

Well, i am off to bed.
G'nite from Montreal


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