Thursday, January 20, 2005

School, Life, and We're Goin' to Miami

I've not had time to do anything "providential." It has been a quiet two days. Peter and I took care of school stuff earlier today and we also made an attempt to cure the financial aid problem with the assistance of RBC. We'll find out tomorrow if they decide to work with us. God I am hoping so.

After taking care of business, Peter took me to lunch which was sweet. I am a cheap date, today "WENDY'S" worked for me. See I am a simple boy. We have been trying each and every day to do something "together!" We always have meals together, and we split the cook/clean responsibilities. It's amazing that the one thing our relationship was lacking has found it's way BACK into our lives. Let's just say that the Fireworks have returned. Last night he lit the candles and we had a really great "Bubble Bath." That's been the place that we can meet and just relax and talk. It's the boardroom/relaxation tank.

I have been furiously working at the computer all evening long trying to find us a way out of Canada for the "Spring Break/Study week" in February. After 4 hours of searching EXPEDIA.CA, I finally found us a Hotel Package for 5 nights ( On Miami Beach, well Collins Avenue - which is just fine with me.) Staying on Ocean Drive would just be WAYY too noisy and unacceptible. We don't drink nor want to listen to the crowds driving and screaming up and down Ocean Drive. PLUS Airfare, transfers and taxes that came UNDER $2,000.00 CAD for the both of us. The Air is on Air Canada and the times are allright. We have to connect through Toronto but alas, it's a small sacrifice, but i made the connection times at more than an hour to make sure we dont miss the connections. The trip is booked which means we are going to Miami Beach for that week. Kewl that I get to visit the place I lived for 34 years with my Hubby for the first time together.

We have been watching CSI Miami like madmen, now he can see it for himself. It will be nice to get out of this INSANE COLD WEATHER !!! BRRRRR ( - 18c / - 28c w/the wind chill) They say the weather is going to go downhill even further tonight into tomorrow.

Now, I have to figure out what I am gonna cook for dinner, Peter's snoozing on the sofa.


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