Monday, January 24, 2005


I went to class today as usual, and the day went as such...

Ancient Judaism with Dilys Patterson, a class i enjoy immensely. It is amazing how I can see that I have learned something from the University education I am currently studying. My search for religious truth continues. My venture into Mysticism is also on going. I am told that it is ok to sit in the middle of the field and look around. I like sitting in my field. I also respect what "robert" calls, not making a choice or taking a stance on any given issue. For me right now that is Religious Institutions.

After class I had to walk over to Drummond to attend my Applied Ethics class, Self and other. We had a guest lecturer who spoke on Self and Other - and Asian Religions. namely Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism. When he asked if there were any Daoists in the room, I raised my hand. He remarked that I was one of few Daoists he has ever met in Montreal. (peculiar)

It came to pass that I had learned something about myself in the last year, our lecturer spoke about the fact that, unless one had and followed a way of life, one is unable to talk about ethics and morals. I mean, who are you and what "way" of life do you follow. That "WAY" or "Dao" gives me a platform to be able to talk about morals and ethics.

After class I walked back to the Religion Department and sat down with Donald for an informal chat about life, and the fact that I am going to be interviewed for Vision 360 TV in the coming week for a documentary based on the Ultra-Catholic Bishops who have openly attacked Gay Marriage. Earlier in the Ethics Class, there were other Professors and the Religion Department Chair to hear this visiting professor teach ( it is a requirement for tenure applications ) for new professors applying to Concordia. Anyway, Donald remarked to me in his office that he did not know I was a "closet Doaist." I explained how I incorporated Asian Traditions into my life.

I have this feeling that there is something other than organized religion out there. I explained to him about my quest to understand the "Mystical" areas of religions. That being Eastern Religions, Judaism and even Islam. There are many professors who follow the Mystical traditions of the three major monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I am not alone in my quest for "the mystical nature of God."

Donald then reached behind his desk and autographed a copy of his latest book called "Sanctity and Male Desire" a gay reading of Saints. You see Donald is / was Catholic, and in his anger against the Catholic Church, he took a stance, he re-appropriated the saints and traditions focusing on the Homo-Erotic nature of Jesus, the saints and everyone in between. I find this attractive. If you can't join them, then make your own way. A sort of "fuck you" to the Catholic church.

This journey just changes by the week. So many things are going through my head on any given day that I can't make heads or tails of them. i just "Daoist" go with the flow. i don't fight it anymore, I live and I exist. I try not to be selfish or egotistical. I try to put the needs of others before my own. Always mindful that there is something MORE up and out there. The DAO.

Before one can have a relationship with another in proper form, one must realize for themselves that there is something more that guides and directs us. THE Dao. It is written in Daoism that

" What you do not wish for yourself, do not do unto others." the negative version of the Golden Rule...( do unto others as you would have others do unto you!) There is something more than US in a reciprocal relationship. (the other). In a relationship following the Dao, one transcends the "us" seeing that the other person is more than themselves. Energy/being.

A young man asked, when do I know I've reached enlightenment or transcendence? Well, only YOU will know when you get there, in the scope of your own experience. You see following a "WAY of Life" can help you get there.

One cannot follow the golden rule in any specific culture or tradition because all of our desires are not the same. But you can aspire to live these traditions. When do you become enlightened, he asked the Master? When you realize that this life is not all about you.

If there is no "other," there is no self; if there is no "self" there is no "other" to be had. Surely this is quite true, and yet I do not know what acts as a cause for it [the self]. It seems that there is a True Ruler but we just do not see its trace. That it can set [the self] in motion is certain, but we do not see its form. It has reality but no form. (the Zhuangzi)

I have learned something about myself and religion ...


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