Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mystical reasons for being here

It was said one day that we are all here, where we are, with the people we are with, because we pre-arranged this meeting before we got here. This contract of life we negotiated before we were born. And the people in your life right now, are here because they were meant to be here for one reason or another. This is a very Buddhist theme.

Several writers tonight have some serious issues going on in their lives. When I stop to read, i find myself in thought, then i come up with a response. Liek any good parent we try to give good advice based on personal knowledge and experience. I may not have any children myself, but I hope I come across as someone who gives encouragement and is informative to help bring them to some point of understanding, from where I have been.

There is some mystical reason that all these questions of life and death have arisen on the radar of a few people. Now we have to make sense of it and try to share the journey. Everyone deserves care, dignity and information in their lives and deaths. It's NOT always about US. And it's not always about YOU. It is about the person suffering or dying. It is always about THEM!!

When it comes to the care of another human being, we must let go our egos and our judgements and self "medicated" i need this overwith quickly for my own sake! Westerners are so caught up in the sterilization and commercialization of death. ( OH, not my problem!) but wait, it IS your problem. Death is something to be respected and paid attention to. It is the closest we will come to touching the creator and the other side. Who cares what You want when it comes to the care of someone else. To inform or not to inform, that is the question.

Having an opinion is very important, because that opinion tells us alot about who you are and how your opinion was formed and by whom. It is the quest of every being on earth "to know." and the longer we live, study and observe, the better informed we are to make and hold an opinion on any given issue.

It seems that Moral and Global issues are on the front pages of most papers today. The fact that immoral people are making use of moral responsibility is abhorrent. The stealing of donated money that will go to people who really need it is absolutely unforgivable.

In Canada the Conservative party led by Stevephen Harper are trying to undermine the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But attacking the Prime Minister while he was abroad was something really stupid. Oh, the cats away, so lets stir the bee hive so when he gets back, the caucus will be up in arms and the vote won't go through. YOU Bastard!! Harper You are a PRICK and your conservative party needs to just shut the fuck up and get with the times. There are plenty of provinces where GAY MARRIAGE is legal. Maybe you should reconsider your position and stop following the Christian 'Right' in the United States. You are really barking up the wrong tree. This is NOT the United States, Thank God. We are not like them. We are not like the U.S. President, nor his cabinet nor his government. I failed to mentio that Stephen Harper issued those Ads in the papaers without telling his fellow MP's. He did that all on his own. Thought he'd be sneaky ! We are AS SICK AS OUR SECRETS. I think it is time to rifle through Mr. Harpers closet and see what we can DREDGE UP !

Stephen Harper needs to just SHUT THE FUCK UP !!

There are far pressing issues on the table that MUST be addressed. This bickering about gay this and gay that is taking us off topic don't you think? Just keep the House of Commons in the tangent area and keep them from focusing on what NEEDS to to done right now. I think you need to get out of politics. You will NEVER be a leader in our Government and you will NEVER be Prime Minister. As long as us FAGGOTS out here keep you in your little box. So bring it on Mr. Harper, let's see what you are really made of.

I'm not a political writer by any means. I never have been. But I can throw together a little arithmetic if needed. Our political commentator is out of commission, and his blog has been brought down, and I can't raise him anywhere. So If any of you know where Matthew Good is, can someone please tell him that he is missed.

I'm finished ranting and raving now, and i am off to bed.



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