Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Monday Relief Update


It was reported tonight, that Prime Minister Paul Martin had promised more relief money to affected areas. Looking quite emotional, Martin was seen visiting a school who opened to care for the young people while their parents searched for news.

It is also reported tonight that the (DART) Team, Disaster Assistance Relief Team, will depart on Thursday for the affected region. Better late than never, some say. This is good knews. Medical supplies, water and much needed other items will be on their way, via the rental of Russian Cargo planes.


After Hurricane Andrew devistated Southern Miami in August of 2002, homes had been destroyed and lives had to be rebuilt. During the rebuilding, several contractors, builders and SCAMMERS infiltrated the trust of weary residents INCLUDING my parents. Our home was totalled by the storm. A contractor came in a scammed $20,000 U.S. off my parents in the hopes that their roof would be rebuilt. After finding that they skipped town with the cash, a law suit was filed and we saved that cash and imprisoned the culprits. We hired reputable builders and days later the roof was rebuilt.

Karma comes full circle my friends, what you dish out, comes back to haunt you 10 fold in the direction you sent it out. GEEE, does that ring a bell for any of my readers???

This same SCAM effort was reported tonight, people collecting cash and donations for the Tsunami victims and running off with the money supposedly donated to the disaster victims.
A Red Cross Office was ransacked today by thieves who ripped them off, as well, a report from the prairies that scammers and thieves are hard at work there. So please, beware who you give money to. There are wolves in sheeps clothing lurking within the fold of people trying to do good things.

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, only donate to REPUTABLE donation organizations as listed on this site, and Matthew Goods Blog Site. Don't give money openly to online collection services, and for the love of God, do not send donations to any OFFSHORE banks making claims that they are collecting donations to send to South Asia. PLEASE, if your gut tells you it's too good to be true, then, by all means check the donation center you are giving to. Make a phone call and make sure that they are for real. There were reports on the CTV news tonight that brought back memories of those Scammers that took money from people who had little or none at all after Hurrican Andrew tore through Southern Miami.

Assistance is starting to reach the affected areas. But it was also reported that some of those much needed funds will not get to the region. Make sure you contact your local leaders and push their buttons so that every penny collected gets to where it needs to go.

AS I said the other night, the major banks in Canada are collecting donations. And Tax exemptions are being extended till later in the month of January for 2004.

On a U.S. note, President Elect George W. Bush has found allies in the likes of his father, former President George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. and Former President Bill Clinton. They will be hitting the road to lobby companies and organizations and for private donations in the United States for disaster relief. Let's hope that the rest of the world will follow suit.

If anyone has anything to add, then please by all means share your information with our readers. The harder we work to get information out, the sooner funds and supplies will get to South Asia.

If YOU have a scam report please share that information for readers as well. The sooner we RAT OUT the thieves, snakes and dogs, the less money and good will be stolen.

Here's hoping at least, we have helped someone today.


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