Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mid-Evening Weather report

Remember when I said that we were not expecting enough snow to make a difference, well
the weather people were WRONG !! It is ( - 19c wind chill -33c ) it has been snowing for at least 8 hours now and the streets are covered in snow, i can see from my windows that it is piling up. I can tell you that we cannot see the South Shore which is to the South or Mount Royal, which is to the North. (we face West). Which means that it is going to snow at least, all night.

I got email from Lucas today, which was sweet cause he gave me a link to more music. He tells me that his next CD has gone to Press, which means, we may see a cd in the next little while, hopefully. I wish him lots of success. I think music is so important to who I am today. You can download these songs from his page:
1. Go it alone
2. Push Pull
3. Radio
4. Swallowed Whole

There are a few NEW blogs listed -------> over there. I got a hit form someone calling himself "Dating Dummy" and he's linked back. So if you're into Boy-Girl relations, then check it out. I've listed him here, cause he listed me there. Please take a few minutes to check out my fellow Bloggers listed on the margin. I mean that's how we build and share community.

Tonight I commented to Peter that it was incredibly cold in the apartment. You see the entire West Wall of both the living room and bed room ( we have a HUGE balcony too) are windows. Yes at 17 stories up, we have a commanding WEST view of Montreal. It's spectacular on a clear day and in Snow Events. So anyway, I put up another layer of plastic Shrink wrap on the Living room windows, becaue the windows do not seal completely, and from up here the wind is brutal.

We are amid Season 2 of CSI, Las Vegas... Yeah I know, I'm addicted. but there is nothing on TV. OH did I mention that next Friday the cable company is coming to install the Digital Cable Modem Box for the TV, and we are going Digital with over 200 channels !!! YEAH BABY!! Now that's what I call television 2005. They have a great HDTV channel package for those who are RICH enough to afford an HDTV set these days. They are just too damn expensive just yet. although we are told that by 2006 we WILL need an HDTV set. Gives us some time to save up for a really nice one.

Anyway, I need to go do some reading around the neighborhood. I will probably blog again before bed. see ya !


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