Saturday, January 15, 2005

Miami Palmetto Senior High


There are far greater things to do than spend money on an Alumni Service. I am sure that If people from Palmetto Senior High go looking for me, then they can just google me. BUT, When I turned 30, I divorced my family and legally changed my name to the name I now carry.

Why did i do that? Well, I was sick, AIDS was taking a toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically. That was the day that I was watching Touched by an Angel and I had a bible in one hand and a Pearl Jam CD in the other. It came to me..........Jeremy's Spoken !!! And that was it.

My parents and family want nothing to do with me, all they wanted was for me to die a quick death so that I would decrease the surplus population. And the name I HAD was a name my father gave me ( from the man he loved in the Viet nam war...his name was robert donald logue) Thats the only hint you need there. The name was not mine. And as Gay man with AIDS, I'd never live up to that mans worth or my fathers expectations. So I changed it legally. It's amazing that my father hated the fag in the family, yet he has a shrine to robert in his office. I know there is a story there. They still to this day do not want anything to do with me. It is very sad. but hey, i saw this happen to countless man and boys in my many days.

So I went to Miami Palmetto Senior High from 1982 - 1985. Before that I attended Southwood Junior High School, which is now a Special Arts School. That was the best school I'd ever been to. I was part of the "christian youth group" at St. Louis Catholic Church. Alot of my friends went to Christopher Columbus High School. Like Matthew and Michael and Ricky Cashette.

My best friend in H.S. was Peter Nilsson. He lived down the street from the school and drove a beat up Volvo. We were on the Palmetto Swim Team together. After he messed around with my cousin that one year, our friendship dissolved. i wonder where he is now? And his sister Sarah.

We did some pretty outlandish things with alcohol. Those were the days !!!

I believe that 2005 will be the 20 year class of 1985 Alumni Anniversary. So if you're looking for me, my profile says (robert andrews) that was changed to reflect my last name change.


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