Thursday, January 27, 2005

Liberation, Freedom and Education

There is nothing on my mind tonight, but the one thing that I think is important to write about tonight, is Auschwitz, Birkenau. It is the most horrific event that stirs emotion in my soul. I mean my father fought in Viet Nam and i've watched the world for decades all the holocausts to be perpetuated in other countries.

It is important tonight that I remember Louis and Irene Ziff, of Miami Florida. They were survivors of the Holocaust. They have rested since my childhood in the Star Of David Memorial Park, where they are interred.

If you were able to see the series called Aushwitz, and the Nazi State, you would have seen by now the way that systematic deaths of millions of Jews had taken place. You would have seen how Josef Megele did such atrocious things to children, namely twins. He took twins from their families and hospitalized them. On one twin, blood would be taken until they fainted. Then they would be given shots in the other arm and left to suffer and die. When the one twin would die, he would take the other twin and give them a shot in the heart and kill them instantly. He would then perform comparative autopsies on them both.

The killing of people is atrocious, on the scale that the German Nazi and SS troops perpetuated.

Shall we talk about theft and corruption? The Jews were stripped of their clothing and belongings. The place where their things were sorted was in an area called "Canada." go figure. Cause Canada was a hopeful place to go. This is where some Jews were sent to work. All of the things that had been collectd would be sorted into clothing piles, there was a box for money and jewels in the center of the room. Jewels, Money and anything else the guards wanted was taken. Some of them got caught, yet many of them got away with THEFT!

We KNOW for a fact that the German guards would take whatever they wanted from the piles and take them home to their wives and families. We know that the Nazi SS were corrupt. They raped women, and stole from the Jews to make their lives so much better, and with no remorse or feeling. (fucking animals).

We know for a fact that Jewish women were sexually abused by these guards. We even know that the Germans had a "Brothel" on the grounds of Auschwitz. Although it is said that no Jewish women were employed there.

We know that there were 45 Auschwitz sites located all over Poland. Smaller death camps that housed slave labor for the Germans. But there was the Main Auschwitz / Birkenau site where the millions of deaths happened.

Tonight, this is all that I can think about writing, because it is so important. Once this last generation of Auschwitz survivors die, it is left to those of us who wish, to keep their memories and stories alive.

Please go to this link and look around. See where you can make a difference in the SHOA Foundation. The Survivors of the Shoa Foundation.

Go visit the Holocaust Museums in your city. When you travel abroad go and see the museums and memorial sites abroad. Take this story into your Colleges and Universities. Get involved in social justice groups on campus.

We cannot forget that this happened. It is something that I find terribly important to share and talk about. If we don't keep the memory alive for generations to come, then somewhere down the road another group of people might start doing this again.

Shall we talk about the minority groups that were also targeted by the Nazis. The gypsies and HOMOSEXUALS!!! So you see among the Anti-Semitic Germans, they were also Homophobic and Racist. Those LABELS that humanity is so entrenched in using, those lables also killed millions of people in Nazi Death Camps.

I always share that in my life, I have loved many people as a young man, but the day that the label "Homosexual" was attached to me, everything changed in my life. I can only imagine how that label affected Jews that just happened to be gay. We will never know, cause the Nazi's tried to eradicate them from the face of the planet.

The fact that they righteously killed the sick, the infirm, the handicapped and mentally challenged, women, children and men. It was systematic. they planned down to the finest detail how to kill people on a grand scale. Can you imagine what the killing fields looked like? Can you imagine what it must have been like to bury all those dead. Can you imagine what the people who survived had to witness and live through.

I challenge you to go to the site listed above and watch the vidoes and listen to testimony and i challenge you to carry the message. That is our calling, for this generation. As I have said before the world is too busy with their jobs, cell phones, work and activities to stop and spend some time carrying the message. It is time. Time is of the essence.


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