Monday, January 31, 2005

A letter to a friend (RLP)

Hello Gordon,

I asked myself this question yesterday after seeing that you removed the post about the lady. i wonder what makes people react the way they do sometimes. Well, I know the answer to that question. It's all about perception. And Y'all know how peoples perceptions can get the best of them.

And I do know this, "christians" just want something to point their little holier than thou fingers at, when perception gets the best of them. Look at the way he wrote. Look at those faggots, look at those other christians, look at those immoral and poor people. Look at what was written over there, and look at that politician, and that husband and that wife. Don't you have anything better to do with your spare time, then sit there and judge?

Well, how many times did they say that in the past about other things you wrote? Did you take them down as well? If God has not commented directly to YOU from on High, then why worry about the intimidation and judgement of a few people who just thought you went overboard with your writing about passion and emotion. Jesus, he got passionate too didn't he?

What makes people say the things they do, as if THEY have all the answers from GOD on high!!
I say BULLSHIT !! Give me one Christian, one preacher or one lay minister who has heard from God Himself!! please, line them up. I wanna speak to every one of them.

"Do not judge, lest ye be judged yourself." We all judge dammit. I did. I stopped and read that piece TWICE just to wrap my brain around what you had written. I needed to understand where you were coming from. And you know what came to mind? The little church in Colorado, where you would go to church and weep. You must have been moved by something to write the way you did. I know that. I've read the book, and all the essays you have collected on your site and the writings on The Christian Century. So you got a little emotional. Who doesn't ???

You know, that's why I have so many problems with people "in the church." I have problems with the "church" in specific areas. There are few men of religious authority that I would trust with my life, YOU dear preacher are one of them. You know I am getting to know Chuck Sigars as well. I talked to my mentor Donald Boisvert see ( Sanctity and Male Desire ) by Donald Boisvert. He has heard of our friend Chuck, he even said good things about him, so Chuck you are known in Canada by religion scholars. It saddened me that people made you feel the way you felt over the weekend. I felt for you too. I felt sorry for you and I prayed for you as well.

I pray for all of those people who think that they can dictate and intimidate those of us who really study and write about religion. Everyone who reads your blog is part of your life. All of our readers come to read us for specific reasons. I am sure that you inspire many people to do good things. The fact that some have sent you the kind of responses you spoke about really make me question who these influential people are and WHY you let them get into your head.

WHY did you rent these people space in your brain for free???

That is INSANITY !!!!

Hey christians, if you ain't got something nice to say, then shut the fuck up and go read your bibles a little bit more. READ THEM, do you hear me, actually READ THEM... from cover to cover. If at that point you don't have a spiritual awakening then what the hell are you doing aspousing the crap you do? what do you believe and believe in? and what difference do you make in anyones life, on any given day? Do you minister to a family? Do you minister to a church of worshippers? Do you minister to GOD almighty? I mean do you sit at home and nit pick everyone else from your pedistles carved in marble and glass.

I tire of the depth that you all sink to to bring down another human being. I tire of the judgemental ways you think you are so much better than the rest of us. So let me tell you something. If I did not have my faith in God I would be DEAD. BUT, a few MEN of faith told me to pray and go to church and live a good life and do good things, AND I HAVE DONE THAT. And by Christ, for the last 13 years I am still breathing.

So tell me christian, what have i done wrong? oh, he's got AIDS, and OH he's GAY and OH by the way HE'S ALSO MARRIED TO A MAN. and You know what GOD says......NO I fucking don't. Because God hasn't said anything to me directly. So I do HIS bidding every day. I am a good man, I minister to the young people at Concordia. I am WELL and Highly respected by my peers. I maintain a marriage. I am accountable to my husband and GOD. I take care of him and love him. As any spouse would do. I also pray every morning that I get up that i am greatful to still be breathing. And I thank God when i go to bed, cause I had another good day.

What does GOD call us to do... To be good to each other, not to judge each other, and to be "Christians." I.E. "Christ Like." Now Christ himself got mad 7 times in the Holy Bible. Count em' 7 times. What would Jesus Do at this very moment, he would forgive, and say sin no more.

Leave the Preacher man alone. He does good work and he has a life, a family and feelings. We are all human. And we all deal with issues differently, as humans go, he is one of the kindest men I have met in this Blogsphere we write in. So before you go and judge him or me better yet, you better have a really good complaint or I will just tell you to FUCK OFF !! Because I go to God directly, and He comes to me. AND UNTIL HE tells me that I should shut up and die already, I will rant until I take my last breath.


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