Monday, January 10, 2005

Just another Manic Monday !!!

It was not my day today by any means. I got up out of bed early this morning ranting and raving at my husband, ( I can do that any time ... in my best Truvy Impression). He takes more time to primp and preen for his classmates than he does for me dammit !! Not to mention I am EXTREMELY SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED. I've been marooned on a desert island for almost a year now... I am about to go crazy !!!

You have no idea how difficult this has been for me when all this shit started almost a year ago. Sacrifice is putting everything you want on the back burner for the greater good. OK, I would like some payback already !!!

I went back to bed to get a few more hours of sleep, cause I don't have class till 1:15 in the afternoon. I am really getting into my Ancient Judaism class with Prof. Patterson. Seeing in her element is great, todays discussion was incredible. I had only 15 min to walk across the quad that like 6 city blocks to my second class with Prof. Linquist. He said that the class room was going to be changed this week, THANK GOD, cause racing through slush covered sidewalks to make it there in time just ain't cutting it. The elevators only fit 4 persons MAX, and climbing 8 flights of stairs just does NOT work for me. Hopefully by Wednesday we may make it to the Hall Building.

After class I went to the library to work on my Ancient Judaism Thesis, Yes thats right !!! Holy shit I am starting this early. I want a good grade here. i was out of the house until like 6:30 and when I got home there was a message that Peter had been rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital cause he could not walk. Needless to say i was besides myself. I didn't have time to think, i took a leak and headed back out the door and hailed a cab to the hospital.

When I got there I found out that Peter had been there since 3pm this afternoon. ( Note to self!! NOW i need a cell phone). I have always said those things are evil, now i have justification to buy two for our personal use. It was almost 7:30p.m. when I finally had it with the nurses on duty. I ripped them a new asshole cause they told us it would be another 5 hours before they could get him to the MRI machine, if nothing urgent came in before us. Peter was getting manic and started crying... we were out of there ASAP or someones ass was going to be severly burned.

Well that was unacceptible. Peter had not eaten all day, he was off his meds and they were not being very helpful to us. So I signed him out of the hospital and brought him home. Got him showered and fed. Now he is resting on the sofa.

I put a call in to his doctor to call me first thing in the morning. Maybe he can fast track us into a hospital Other that the Royal Vic ... They are horrible.

You see in Montreal, the only way one gets access to an MRI or CAT Scan machine is with Private Insurance or an insider at any given hospital. OR you sit and wait, and wait and wait...until they can fit you in, It's not like the U.S. if you roll into an ER they usually take you ASAP... it don't work that way here. There are waiting lines as long as 6 months for MRI or CAT scan testing.

Not to mention, they would not talk to me, cause they said I had no rights over Peter's treatment, EXCUSE ME, We are legally married you Quebecois FUCKS !!! Peter has me as contact and primary care giver on all his papers, and they gave me shit when I got there, well, that was not going to work on me, Fuck !!!

The first day I take on schoolwork past class time, the first day I stay on campus late, shit like this happens. i don't know but I think God is testing my resolve...

Now tomorrow will be spent taking care of my husbands needs and missing class is another possibility this week, Donald is not going to be happy with me, but I emailed him a little bit ago, letting him know that I may not make it in time to class tomorrow. FUCK !!!

Ok, I am done ranting and raving. Time to go eat and relax. be back later...


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