Monday, January 24, 2005

Johnny Carson

I grew up in the United States and the Tonight show was something that I watched on a regular basis. There are just some things in the "american experience" that just are part of the fabric of the home. What news cast you watched nightly ( it was ABC ) in my home. Then latenight fell to just one man. Johnny Carson. That's where you met the next "UP and Coming" entertainers, musicians and got to know the movers and shakers of the entertainment industry. The myriad of guests always gave you something to take away from the show, and I think that was important in my experience.

I always watched with anticipation to see who would be on each show. It was a learning tool for those of us growing up, and I suppose that the adults who were raised on Jack Parr and then Johnny can say the same.

I can freely say, "I remember when" for many of the comedians and big name stars of today. People like Roseanne, David Lettermen, Jay Leno and even Ellen Degeneres. It was discussed at home today after reading the news, Peter commented that Johnny Carson had preferred the likes of David Letterman over Jay Leno, but because of big time pressure, Jay Leno won the coveted position. I don't really care for Jay Leno. I am a loyal David Letterman fan. I think that Bette Midler will be saddened to know she was the last person to sing to Johnny on that last show. A classy woman, with the biggest heart and soul. I can only imagine what she is feeling tonight.

I don't know my history all that well, but tonight we were given a glimpse of the historical story of Mr. Carson. We will mourn his passing. TV will never be the same, because of the things he did as a man and as a host. He made many men and women, with their appearances on the Tonight Show. He gave us laughter, information and put many people to bed over the years he was on the air.

He was a private person and we respect that privacy. I am sure many people will say the same thing to his family, Johnny was a great great man. He gave us all something to watch and he gave us opportunity to learn as well. Goodnight Mr. Carson.

Eternal light grant him, and may perpetual light shine upon him.

He will be missed.


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