Saturday, January 22, 2005

Interview with 360 Vision TV Canada

I got this email tonight from Norman at Dignity. It comes from 360 Vision TV Canada.

"Hello! I am looking for a same-sex catholic couple who take issue with Ambrozic and Henry and would like to engage in a smart discussion about the current breakdown in the same-sex marriage issue debate. Please get back to me!"

The call went out for a live body to interact with these Devils of the Catholic Church, so I volunteered. Here's to the live "discussion." We will see if I get a call back or not. They really don't want to "Bark" up my tree, because I will have a few choice words for these men, sorta like "GO TO FUCKING HELL !!!" he he he he he ....

It's still snowing. ( - 18c / - 32 wind chill ) Peter went to the store earlier and he said that the snow is piled up everywhere. None of the Major Roads have been plowed from where i can see from here.


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