Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'm trying to write something

I have had a perplexing night. The music service I used last night screwed me over with the fact that I can't get the music over to my MP3 player, because for some reason, it did not recognize my RCA Lyra 2010a MP3 player. So I have all this music on my hard drive that's useless to me until I can sort this problem out. I emailed the help desk to try and get some answer.

I found this out cause today Peter had the same problem with his music but he got the damn thing to work, after trying for about 4 hours tonight I ended up wanted to toss this box off the balcony.

I was watching a CSI (Vegas) episode and on it was this priest who was talking about lightbulbs. He said when the lightbulb goes out for someone that all they have to do is change the bulb, BUT when the lightbulb goes out for a Catholic, they stand there in the dark and ask, What did I Do ?

I am standing in the dark, so it seems. And I don't know where to find another lightbulb to replace the one that went out. I am finding it hard to find myself lately. I know I am right where I should be, but where is (HERE)?

It was a slow night in bloggerland tonight. I got a nifty Chicken Stew Recipie from Shane. Here it is for your culinary enjoyment.

Compliments of Shane the chef ... ( East meets West Blog) ----> over there on the right.

Here is the recipe for Athens High School's famous chicken stew:

1 whole fryer chicken, neck and giblets removed
2 medium-sized Vidalia onions
1 large can tomato puree
3 cans diced New Potatoes
3 cans corn
1 stick butter
Salt, Pepper, and Tabasco Sauce

1. Cover whole chicken in a large stock pot with cold water and season water with one onion, quartered, and one stick butter. Bring to a boil and cook chicken until it is falling off of the bone (about an hour).

2. Debone chicken and set aside. If you prefer (and I do), continue to cook remaining chicken stock with bones from chicken, for about an hour, to intensify the flavor. Strain stock with a collander and set aside.

3. Dice remaining onion and add to chicken stock with deboned chicken, and drained cans of corn and potatoes. Add whole can of tomato puree. On occasion, I will add another small can of tomato sauce if the stew doesn't appear to be "tomatoey" enough.

4. Add salt, pepper, and plenty of tabasco sauce to taste. Cover and cook for about an hour on medium low heat to allow flavors to blend well.


I did not do a whole lot today seeing I slept all day again today. I hate when that happens, but i guess my body is telling me something. Take note...sleeping over 10 hours (somethings wrong).

My doc did not get the approval for my new meds from the government. They say they need more documentation from earlier Geno/pheno type testing. So I called Miami yesterday afternoon only to find out that my past medical records were stored by my old doctor, BUT they cannot even locate where they are. (Isn't that illegal?) So I am hoping by Monday afternoon that the girl i talked to can find them, if not, then I am shit out of luck. They did not send the comlete files to Canada when I moved here. And my Old Doc, the one who treated me in that clinic no longer works there and I can't raise him anywhere. SHIT !!! That means that I am back to the old combo as I was taking for a bit longer. After preparing myself mentally for this little "change" of life procedure I am in a holding pattern.

I need a video link to Gordons Covenant Baptist Church in the morning OR someome to transcribe his sermon for me. I'm thinkin, I might just take a trip South to meet the Real Live Preacher. I have thought about that 'thought' many times in the past few days. I just get the feeling that the search for my meaning of faith is going to become a "Real Live Road Trip." I have a couple of friends in Texas who would love to see me. Let's pray on that one shall we.

It's 4:00am and i am still sitting here trying to write something witty as "kaen" or smart like "mike" or politically charged like "matthew" and I am coming up empty. I guess that means I need to go get in bed and finally FINISH Dan Browns "Angels and Demons." It's becomming a real nail biter now...

So, I am off for now. If ya look below, at "Mikey made me do it, you'll find a little test. Takes only a couple of minutes. Have a giggle go on, I know you wanna.



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