Saturday, January 01, 2005

I need another week

New Years Eve, came and went. There was no big cheer, but 4 friends standing in our living room, with our non-alcoholic champagne and Anderson Cooper to ring us in to 2005. The rain was falling, not a good night to be out in Montreal at ( 6 c ) and rainy. It was quick and painless another year passed on into history. How sad an end to the year, that so many people did not see the new year come. All I can say is that the earth had over 150,000 new guardian angels, who beckon us not to forget and ask us to care for the children and families left behind in this horrible natural disaster. What will we do with all those children? How can we care for them? What shall we do to ensure the traditions and family lines go on? The satellites tell us the earth is not the same as it was on Saturday. The earth has reclaimed some of its space back from man.

What can I say about where I am right now? well, I am thinking about family who I have not spoken to in years. People who wish NOT to be a part of my life, against my better wishes. alas, it is time to move forward with the good memories one has of the past, and time to move into our future with open hearts and minds.

As Mary J. Blige sings...and Marco is so apt to remind us, "No More Drama...!"

What happens next in this life we live together is to settle the score. In Marriage we became ONE, one Couple, One life, One Love. No one is going to come between that commitment.

School begins on Monday, I have a full load of Classes.

1. Ancient Judaism with Dilys Patterson, I am SO looking forward to this class, This is Prof. Pattersons time to shine. I have wanted to take this class because Judaism IS her Forte. I am expecting alot from her, and from myself in taking this class.

2. Self and Other, Value Choices with Steven Lindquist. ( Ethincs Class )

3. Women in Religion ( Christianity ) With Donald Boisvert. I did not do as well as I expected in his 2 classes in the Fall Term, I need to step up my game.

4. Biblical History 2 - Christian Origins with Phillip Harland.

My plate is full.

Having been sick all week, I am not prepared in the least, so I have this weekend to rest up and get ready for classes first thing Monday. I have to get up early to buy my books and supplies, since the campus bookstore is closed till Monday morning. I have time to burn in the morning.

I guess I am evolving again. I'm not sure where this blog will go, but please stay tuned.


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