Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Feast

Borrowing a page from Marco, here is MY Friday feast...

Appetizer - If you could have a free subscription to any online service, which would you like to have? I have to agree, typepad would work for me. I can't do webdesign to save my life.

Soup - Describe your bathroom (furnishings, colors, etc.).
My bathroom is of The Zoo ( colorful animal shower curtain) and is painted a Sea Mist Green, with odd decor from the wonderful "montreal dollar store." You never know what kind of chachki's you'll find to decorate your home with. I don't care if it's cheap, it's my design and my guests seem to like it. ( we "While you were Out'd" the entire apartment last Summer)

Salad - What does the shape of a triangle make you think of? Traingles always make me think of Pizza. /who doesn't think of the pink triangle it was significant in early homo-dom.

Main Course - Name 3 things or activities that you consider to be luxuries, ok i went overboard.
1.hmm, Tai Chi with the community in Little China for one.
2.A bubble bath with candles lit at night.
3.curling up with a good book,
4.Chinese food at Beijing Gardens in Little China ( it's not cheap !) but it's really GOOD !
5.Oh lest I forget, BOOKS!! I cannot walk into Indigo bookstore and NOT drop $50.00 on every visit. and I have a penchant for ordering fellow bloggers books from

Dessert - What was the last really great movie you watched?
The last great movie I watched was I,Robot with Will Smith. It Rocked.
But I am severly Addicted to C.S.I. (where ever ) 1. Vegas, 2. Miami, 3. NYC


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