Sunday, January 23, 2005

Final Late Night Weather Report - Insights

It is 3:39 a.m. and the snow has stopped falling, i haven't been downstairs yet, but looking down from here on the cars below and the tracks in the streets, i'd guess there is at least 5 to 7 inches of new snow on the ground. The streets have not yet been plowed, which means if it starts to snow again, the plows won't get out there until first light. As of yet, Rene Levesque and St. Catherines are still adrift with snow. They are the major East-West corridors on this South End. The Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke are to the North.

Peter and I watched the end of Season 2 and the special features of
( CSI LAS VEGAS) and began watching Season 3 of the Series. Yeah, I know, nothing on TV, it's ( -18c / - 30c Wind Chill ) outside. Do you think we'd be running all over Montreal on a Blizzardy Saturday Night?

Peter is getting sick again, which means I am going to get sick again as well!! The drawback of being POZ, if someone is sick in the general vicinity, then I am sure as hell marked! The drawbacks of a funky immune system. My T-cells and viral load can be in tip top shape, but if you sneeze near me, There is no fight for my system, i can't explain it, go figure !!

Um, I wanted to write something wise and insightful tonight before I went to bed, i guess I am in that space. I've read a few new blogs tonight, and commented on a few of them as well. If they come back here and looksee into this blog, I want them to know that Yeah, My name is Jeremy and I am in Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs.........(OH yep, i am a dope head ) well, I was. I was also a mean binge drinker not to mention the added saddle of HIV now 13+ years, so you see, I've lived a charmed life - or - someone up there likes me.

There is nothing to hide here, my life is an open book, because if I can help at least one soul find its place in the cosmos then, i've made good on my karmic circle for today. I am touched by the people who comment here, like Shawna, Jared, Lucas and Eric. I can always count on you to keep me honest, grounded and wise, even when I need a kick in the ass for being a bitch.

I am in this mystical state tonight, earlier I was re-covering the windows and Tannie popped into my head, she seems to drift through my consciousness on a daily basis now. She was my Asian Religions Professor last term. I liked her and sent her a commondation letter to the Religion Department for her tenure application. I find that when I am stressed or at a point where I need some grounding, she comes to mind and that makes all the difference. So I see it this way, I learned something from her last term.

When I read blogs, as I do Every night, without fail, i learn something about YOU and then in some cases I learn about me. AS was the case in Mia's Blog (deathmaiden). ----> yup over there. She posed a question that I tried to think about and make a decision, I left that answer for her to read, I will be interested in seeing her response.

Boys who fumble when they get a girls voice mail, Hey, don't sweat the small stuff. This too shall pass.

Mikey, You fill out all those applications and enter those competitions. I think the fact that YOU are ready to make a move and your tired of where you are and your willingness to be honest with the universe has paid off in all these good things moving in your direction. Now my young man, step up and say YES to the universal response. Be proud, confident and know we are all out here cheering you on.

For our Moccachino actor, please don't carry your props into coffee shoppes any more.

I haven't heard from the fellow pilgrim tonight.

So that's my insight tonight, I am off to bed.



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