Friday, January 07, 2005

The Elderly Man

**** Please Note -- See Quebec Civil Code Below ****

This story I posted on another Blog in the darkest hour of the last nine months, a friend sent it to me after finding out that (that) Blog had been shut down. So here is the reprint. Enjoy !!!

I heard a story on the radio just now, and I think that I shall never think the same ever again. Please remind me when i complain.

An elderly man walked into a hospital triage area, because he needed to get stiches removed from his finger. An orderly asked him why he was there and the man told him why. He was in a hurry and had a doctors appointment. He asked the man to take a seat, knowing full well that it would be more than an hour before someone looked at him. He saw the man looking at his watch tentatively and So the orderly went and talked to one of the doctors and got the necessary items to do the procedure.

He began to talk with the man over the few minutes he was there, and inquired about the elderly mans health, he asked " do you have a doctor's appointment?" No, the elderly man replied, I have to go eat breakfast with my wife. The orderly smiled, the elderly man had told him that she was in a home for the elderly and was suffering from alzheimer's disease. The orderly inquired, " " do you have breakfast with your wife every morning?" Yes the man
replied. The elderly man continued, "She has not known who I am, for now 5 years, and I have breakfast with her every morning." The orderly inquired "why do you do that every morning?"

The elderly man replied....." She may not know who I am, But I remember who she is."

True love is what is right now, what was, what will be, and what will not. It deals with things as they come, whether good times or bad times.


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