Friday, January 07, 2005

Downloading Christian Music

I was sitting here earlier tonight and I thought that I would go looking for music to download, so I found a site that I joined and started to look around. I went through many artisits that I know of, and wanted to see what was there. I sorted through some music I didn't have.

Then Upon closer study, there was also a HUGE Contemporary Christian Music List of artists, well you know, I went nuts. When I was a young boy, I belonged to a really "GREAT" Christian Youth Group at the Church I belonged to in Miami, circa 1982 - 1991.

We used to go on these retreats several times a year. And as well, on Wednesday Nights when we'd all meet, there were about 500 young people in this group then, they used to play Christian Music. I loved it. It was the template that many of my teen age memories were attached to. Over the years I have always kept that part of myself sacred. I do have some Amy Grant, some 4 Him, and assorted other cd's I like to listen to.

Tonight I came across some vintage Stephen Curtis Chapman, and Michael W. Smith. So I spent a good chunk of money downloading some music. And I listened as I entered the music onto my MP3 player. You know, God shows up just when I really need to know He's there. So I sat here and wept for a bit, closed my eyes and recalled certain memories attached to said music from my past.

I find it amazing that I had these memories in ready recall position, after not hearing this music in some years. I paint my life in the music I was listening to at any given time in my life. For every good song out there, I am sure there is at least something I can pull up with it playing.

I talked to some friends tonight, which was fun.

Yes God I am here, and I still believe.


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