Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Chuck has arrived at my house

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the mail on the way in from Classes. My mailbox was literally STUFFED. After 20 minutes of trying to coax the box out of my little tiny Apartment mailbox, ( you know those boxes that are so small, any substantial mail ends up crammed in and bent all up!!!)

So i digress. I got upstairs and opened the box and there it was a brand new copy of " The World According to Chuck." If you look over there on the right, -------> there is a button to get your own copy as well. I started reading it today while I was waiting to see my academic advisor. I will let you know how the read goes. If you have a copy already, why not add your comments on it.

I love to read, and I think it is so kewl that we bloggers can participate in the "Blog reading/writing revolution." This is a great way to share work with peoples and communities that may not ever pick up a particular book.

Support our blogging writers. Maybe Chuck will come across this entry and smile.

I've read Gordon's book, Real Live OH, go see his website, he has some really "great" news on his writing ministry. The button is over there ------> on the right.


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