Thursday, January 20, 2005

Auschwitz - We Remember 60 years

Last Night we did do something particular, now that I am reminded. On PBS they showed parts 1 and 2 of "Auschwitz, Inside the Nazi State."

It was hosted by Linda Ellerbie. I was completely stunned at the depraved sickness that was the Nazi and SS machine.

I mean I know about the Holocaust. I've known survivors in my lifetime. Louis and Irene Ziff, may they rest in Peace. I knew them as a young boy when i was in Elementary/Junior High School. They died before I entered High School. Anyway, i digress. I have visited several Holocaust Museums in my life. The Holocaust Museum in Miami Beach was on the walking route from my apartment to the hall i made my AA meetings at in South Beach. Every night I walked through the fountain area and read names and shared with others.

To watch the process of how these men crafted the art of killing was just something I did not ever see before. To know that these thousands upon thousands upon Millions of people killed, not only adults, but Men, Women, Children, the Handicapped and Mentally challenged. THEY were the test patients for the early "gas chamber" development. I just found it incredibly difficult to watch. I have to see when the other 4 parts will be shown.

They say that there is no lesson to learn here, yet there is a lesson to learn here. It is exhausting to watch but so IMPPRTANT that these millions of lives are not forgotten. The last of the survivors are in their final stages of life. It is so important to document their lives and stories before their voices and lights are dimmed for the last time.

They interviewed men who were SS guards and infantrymen and you listened to detailed documentation and archived meeting minutes from organizational meetings in the conception and preparation for the building of the Auschwitz death camps. The interviews turned my stomach. The insanity of it all. The brutal systematic and premeditated murdering of innocents and handicapped people, but the worst was the children.

These problems have arisen on our own time. Rwanda, Somalia and the Sudan. Here you can read for yourselves.

1900 The Century of Genocides.

From the Website:

"Auschwitz is unique," explains series producer and writer Lawrence Rees. "It has a physical beginning in May 1940 and physical ending in January 1945, and is the site of the single largest mass murder in the history of humanity." Like the series, this website uses Auschwitz as a prism to try and understand something of the extermination process and of the mentality of the people who committed the crime. Rational, sane people sat down in various stages and made key decisions that ended in the killing of over six million women, men and children.

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Find your viewing area by city or Zip Code and share the memory with your children, freinds and others who should know about this tragic piece of world history.


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