Wednesday, January 12, 2005


A blogger stopped by - and on their blog this was written. The blog is called Appreciation, But in the links -----> over there i have renamed it (Search and Find ) ...

I needed to read this tonight. Thank you.

You always get what you need, WHEN you need it and NOT before. that is how the map worked for Michael. ( see Kryon Novel, The Journey Home, The Story of Michael and the Angels).

Walk in certainty towards the well that will quench your thirst. If you don’t know where that well is, then look within you, not outside. You have looked outside for too long. You have found many things, but you haven’t found the one thing you were looking for, the one thing that started the search of a lifetime. What is that one thing? I don't need to tell you. You know.
You are the one who is searching. When you are attracted by the sign on the side of the road, you are searching. When you look at the shop window, you are searching. When you look at the beautiful full moon shining in the sky, you are searching. And you will be searching till you have found it.

All you need to do is read what is written in the chapters of your heart. It’s your book. Is it interesting? Nobody will know that except you because it is your book and only you can read it. Every day take a little time to read it because the book being written is the book of life. Hopefully, it will be joyful to read because it is your words that will be written. This is the possibility.

This is about joy—the true joy, the joy of the heart. Once the thirst of the heart has become clear, the purpose of the well becomes very clear. Until then, without the thirst, it’s only speculation. Don’t live this life in speculation and uncertainty. Every step, every breath should be taken in certainty. Life is too precious a journey to miss.


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