Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The silence

It was cold this weekend in Ottawa, but like a fellow blogger i kept the fireplace burning daily. My father in law and I had some wonderful conversations in front of the fireplace all weekend. He is a charming man who loves to read, just as I do. Several times this weekend we found ourselves sitting in the rocking chairs before the fire debating his reading library.

And at times, Peter, his mom, and Nana had joined in on several of our chats. What a joy it is to be welcomed into a home and made to feel like one belongs there. Always a part of and that I should feel warmth and love. The words are not lost on me.

I learned alot on this trip. Things about myself. Things about my inlaws. I heard stories from people I want to know. I felt joy and peace and even the care of a concerned parent. Most of all I got to spend time with my Husbands family once again. Each visit we have together brings us closer together. i can be trusted to care for another. And I have cared for another, far beyond anything I have ever done before.

Living together, is one thing. Having a relationship is far from simple. To know that you love someone unconditionally is something that I want to do. And I do ( DO!) To have the faith to stand up and say, ( You Will NOT Cross this line ) ( Are you hearing me ??? ) is something I have to do. I am called to protect and to care for and I will until i take my last breath.

The hearth is an important place to know. It's where the home lies.


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