Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004 End of Year Review

How can one ring in the new year with streamers and champagne, when all the world is in shock of the major devastation that has taken South Asia to the pits of hell. I find it ironic that the most idyllic place on earth, visited by millions for it's beauty and tranquility has now been destroyed and all of her peoples are either dead, missing or injured. God sure has a sense of humor doesn't he?

Who do you turn to in times like this, and what does one say about God, the Creator? Is this his way of giving us a message? Is there some meaning in this distruction? For the last few days I've been watching the numbers change by the hour. Matthew Good has comprehensive coverage of the devastation. I watched the CTV news last night, and so many Canadian families have no word on missing children and family members. Where do they turn to? Nobody has the answers to where the missing are, or if anyone survived.

I don't know what to think right now about this, Peter and I went shopping for tomorrows dinner party we are throwing for New Years eve, and we could not but stop and think as all the shops and stores in the downtown area here, are collecting money for disaster relief. Where does one start to try and help?

Maybe we need to just drop the pomp and circumstance of the New Years Eve Celebration's and help the rest of the world help those who really need it. I don't think that even the die hard party animal is going to forget what is going on to get fucked up drunk and stand in Time Square tomorrow night and watch that damn ball fall.

Things here at home are subdued and quiet. The war has begun. We will see who laughs last now. Never mess with a man who has faced his mortality and is still walking.

I am sick as a dog, food has no flavor and my body aches and I am an irritable PMS bitch. I have been sleeping more than usual lately. Next week I begin testing the NEWEST Once a day HIV medications. My doc says that my immune system is stronger than his. Well, i don't know about today... I am hoping that these new meds will work as well as the ones I am currently on. Doc says that I will loose the lipodystrophy in my stomach and face with these new meds.

So many great people have been taken from us this year. Mr. Dick Clark, will be ringing in the new year from his hospital bed. (We wish him all the best in his recovery) And the man of the hour is Once again "Regis Philbin." You can always count on Regis, in a pinch.

"Here I come to save the day.......Mighty Mouse music plays on !!!"

I'm sure the heavens will be rockin with Jerry Orbachs singing and Ray Charles at the piano. Along with the list of many who have died this year.

If you are out there in South Asia, please know that we are all thinking about you, and if we could do something more, I know we all would. The world is watching and hoping that some closure will come to families who desire it. And I know the world is praying for all of you out there. Please hang on and know that as fast as can be done, help is coming. If the worlds nations would drop the red tape and barriers aid would move alot faster.

It is time to stop the wars for now, and take those fighters and turn them into peace keepers and aid workers. Let's take the focus off the wars of killing and start focusing on the wars to keep those people left in Asia ALIVE and Well. Generations of people are lost. So many children are dead, they were the hopes of generations. Now they are lost.


May 2005 bring new missions to bear, maybe the world will find new meaning in helping one another. We are Our Brothers Keepers.

This is all so very sad.


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